Κυριακή, 30 Μαΐου 2010

v/a : acid dreams LP (or 'the return of acid dreams')

i always thank phil todd (of ashtray navigations fame) for discovering this amazing psych / acid punk comp LP. it was a few years ago when in a discussion for LPs in the jewelled antler list did phil drop a line about some fave LPs of his, 'the return of acid dreams' was one of them. without hesitation i asked him to tape it for me and upon receivign the tape i was totally blown into it (having as b-side caetano veloso's 'araca azul' masterpiece too which made the insanity even greater!)

since then i've heard lots of rumours about this compilation, one of which says that a guy who run a record store in berlin issued it in the 80's and so on. since this one a sequel appeared there's also the acid dreams testament (clocks some 75 min as cd), a triple foldout LP too however this one stands as the blow out for me. 've had the 3ple LP (testament cd) but i always feeled they miss the whole intensity of this one, every piece is a little diamond itself making overall a brilliant atmosphere, check it for yourself & enjoy!

acid dreams

Παρασκευή, 14 Μαΐου 2010

little howlin' wolf 'cool truth'

've heard his name a lot of times but never did i pay any attention to his music until recently when in a trade a friend throwed in the pack a copy of 'cool truth' stellar outsider music bluesey, jazzy, multitracking insanity from 85. was nuts to listen a great production and pure vinyl rip without any deglitch between the gaps of the vinyl grooves from one song to another! makes it even more lo-fi!!!
if you fancy it that much as i did then buy your copy here!!!!

cool truth

peter lacroix & guenter haertel 'personalis aquisgrandi' cd (no-note records)

i owe it to christophe heeman for discovering this cd. actually he was involved in its production. the brainwashed site mentions that he remixed the whole thing. not sure of what happened but it was one of the first location recordings i acquained back then in my collection and was astounded by it and the way they had worked w/ maps, locations, etc... still love it!

personalis aquisgrani

shit scans so here's the english translation of the text to get an idea on the project.

Two portraits, as distinct and intimate as one might expect from this form
of artistic expression - and yet, no figurative illustrations. A stoll
through the city, a sensory description of certan situations captured at the
source - absolutely authentic, full of atmosphere, and yet beyond normal
expectations; it is neither photography nor landscape painting.

Peter Lacroix & Guenter Haertel are breaking new ground in what is not just
a joint effort but a reciprocal exploration of their respective fields;
reduced, virtually ascetic in the application of artistic means and yet
poetic in the message.

Peter Lacroix's 'personalis artistic portraits' are based on numbers and
letters of the alphabet. Considering today's preoccupation with developments
in informatin technology, one could level the accusation that this is not
exactly the most original idea. However, the numbers Lacroix categorizes to
the indicidual throw little light on the physical presence of that person,
or indeed on his / her status in our society. They project the portrayed
person into an almost forgotten, mystical relam. They refer artistically and
abstractly to a cogent existence beyond the Socio-Normative.

Using the Kaballa, an ancient Jewish doctrine based on the interpretation of
certain letters of the alphabet and numeric systems, Lacroix transposes the
information he has gathered on a certain individual into geometric figures.
The characters are mysterious yet by no means fictional, drawing their form
froma combination o fthe 'date of birth' or 'name number' or 'lucky number'.
Each person is expressed individually - artistically yet abstractly, with a
final manifestatin remaining impossible, despite every effort to embody the
portaryed person in concrete terms.

In his artistic interaction with Guenter Haertel, Lacroix transposes these
geometric images into the direct intellectual mileiau of both artists. The
starting point was their own Personalis portrait coordinates which were then
placed over a map of Aachen, with the geometric angles determining certain
locations in the city.

Haertel, armed with microphone, visited these locations and recorded the
sounds he found there. Thus, a whole series of acoustic impressions
materialized, not just a description of the individual points, but a rounded
impression of the city reflecting its tenor - a feast for the ears.

Haertel's sound document is also a very individual portrait of Aachen.
Listening to it, the natural process of association soon reveals that this
urban background noise cannto be interhchanged with any other. Although
Haertel, the audio journalist and chronicler, deliberately avoided the
historically and locally renowned highlights of the city, Aachen's special
characterisitics still emerge from what would seems to be an arbitrary
conglomerate of everyday sounds. The backdrop noises of the working world,
traffic, birds are counterpointed by a variable, yet constantly recurring
sound experience of ells, church choirs and the boundless bubbling of
Aachen's water.

Πέμπτη, 13 Μαΐου 2010

blue humans featuring rudolph grey 'incandescence' shock SX28CD

no words an amazing trio and devastating set. i paste cd infos from the discogs page as the pic i've included is shit.


Artwork By [Cover Concept] - Rudolph Grey
Artwork By [Cover Design] - Lindy Bryce
Guitar, Liner Notes - Rudolph Grey
Mastered By - Denis Blackham
Percussion - Beaver Harris
Photography [Cover & Disc] - Catherine Ceresole
Photography [Inside & Inlay Tray] - Michael Grimm
Saxophone [Tenor] - Jim Sauter
Recorded live at CBGB, June 23, 1998.
Mastered at Porky's.

pt1 - pt2