Κυριακή, 29 Νοεμβρίου 2009

wiesbadener improvisations ensemble '1991' (hybrid)

hybrid for me in early / mid 90's issued some trully stelar improv recordings, the wiesbadener improvisations ensemble being one of them and certainly a highlight of european improv.

ulrich phillipp was a part of another great improv outfit, maxwells daemon who had a cd out on hybrid and a cd too on the italian fringes label too.

line up of this amazing trio is

dirk marwedel : alt, sopranino sax

ulrich phillipp : kontrabass, elektronik

wolfgang schliemann : schlagwerk

all titles were improvised by wie?!

flac & scans






Τετάρτη, 28 Οκτωβρίου 2009

karel appel 'musique barbare' LP (1963)

here's a fave album. 'musique barare' of karel appel, dating from 1963. no comments, what you hear is what the title suggests! play ultra loud!

vinyl rip side to side (side a has 2 trax though)

A1 Paysage Electronique
A2 Poème Barbare
B Le Cavalier Blanc

for more infos on karel appel check here or here

flac & lame


side a

side b

mp3 (@320)


Σάββατο, 17 Οκτωβρίου 2009

christian marclay takehisa kosugi 'merce cunningham dance company' kalamata, greece 03082002

it was a pleasant surprise to hear back then that the merce cunningham dance co were coming to perform in 2002 for 2 dates at the kalamata dance festival as long as christian marclay and takehisa kosugi were the sound engineers of the project. a friend was there and recorded both dates. the 3rd of august was transformed to a cdr so here it it. sorry cuts, missed must be the last 10 minutes more or less.

anyway enjoy this pristine set... here

Κυριακή, 10 Μαΐου 2009

i've never thought you would have done it... (a wedding compilation) cdr (rossbin 2002)

can't recall how the discussion bout this compilation emerge.. for sure i recall that alessandro of rossbin had asked me for a contact with sonic caterin band... i asked whether he wanted an archery target track in it or something like that and then were unearthed a couple of names he wanted to get in touch with and happen to know them so helped i think besides the scb also w/ stelzer / talbot... anyway that's not the point... as i check it now sounds still a great moment. compiled by alex for the marriage of sandro & anna, a friendly couple of his. can't recall the copies of the edition right now. however i think this one includes the sole (& for me the best) recordings of archery target (for this case - anastasis grivas, thodoris zioutos, nicolas malevitsis) recorded sometime in a july afternoon of 2002 at small music theatre. compilation / marriage were on september 2002.

& they lived happily ever after....

Δευτέρα, 13 Απριλίου 2009

fish eye view 'embodiment' tape

so here's the 1st fish eye view tape. it was an early 90's evening at the old 'rock city' in sokratous st that did peris hand me the tape, accidentally if am not mistaken. we chanced there and he handed it. i went nuts with it.
so when a few months ago asked me whether or not fancy the idea of doing 'the 2 fish hospitality' couldn't say no...

still love it! hope you'll share the enthusiasm!


Παρασκευή, 3 Απριλίου 2009

throbbing gristle 'berlin 7/11/1980' & 'frankfurt 9/11/1980' (tight leather #21)

ok here's the other tape. this one includes the tg berlin 7/11 and frankfurt 9/11 1980 sets.

side a


side b


throbbing gristle / boyd rice berlin 8/11/1980 (tight leather #22 - 1981)

i was diggin' the genital grinder tape archive the other day when i came across those 2 tapes... the 'tight leather' tape label (?!?!?!?!) tapes from 81 #21 & #22 of throbbing gristle and throbbing gristle & boyd rice live sets from berlin and frankfurt on the 7th and 8th & 9th of november 1981.
i have never came across the tapes nor i recall them in any discography to say the truth. all i know about them is that i was given them as a gift from my friend robert zank sometime in early 90's (think 93 must have been) on a trip to athens for promoting edition rz material and he handed them as a gift. he told me he was present back then at the legendary live sets but can't recall if he was involved in the production of those 2 tapes or not.
to cut the long story short... am not sure and is just a hypothesis but i wouldn't be surprised if i ever heard that out of those tapes records like the 'editions.. frankfurt...berlin...' or 'funeral in berlin' to name but a few were made...
hey don't freak when on side a 'discipline' is cut... it's again all over from the very begining the entire track (as also appears on the 'discpline' fetisch 12") on side b... enjoy the stellar boyd rice set too!

anyway... this just an hypothesis regarding the records around these recordings and those tapes... the sounds matters...


side a


side b


Πέμπτη, 2 Απριλίου 2009

costis drygianakis 'hours and seasons'

a fave tape. issued in early 90's and was recorded in almost 48 hours more or less. you can tag it 'ambient' or whatever, me speaking is just a recollection of some great moments & situations of that time

side a


side b


Δευτέρα, 23 Μαρτίου 2009

pete and royce 'suffering of tomorrow' LP

one of my beloved greek 'prog' lps together with aphrodite's child '666'. though i was never much in the greek 'rock' scene of the 70's. besides a couple of specific records (e.g. dionysis savvopoulos's 'bromiko psomi' & ballos', kostas tournas's 2nd lp)and specific tracks (e.g socrates's 'starvation'). and regarding the couple lps that were supposed to be 'prog' back then like plg's i found them rather tame. this is an exception. since early 90's that i listened to it thanks to spacefreak when one day we were working on some stuff for 'genital grinder' and he taped it for me. this one was issued in early 80's as a private release (not sure if 81 or 82). they did a 2nd lp too 'days of destruction' out of which only 2 tracks were in the style of their debut ('days of destruction' and another one). the rest of the lp was in a completely different mood. not sure how many copies were pressed of 'suffering of tomorrow' i have heard a rumour of some 200 but can't say for sure.
also don't freak upon seeing 8 titles on the sleeve and 7 tracks can't recall which tracks form a kind of 'trilogy' or something like that. think are the ones of side a... mp3 @ 320 as usual.

enjoy this unknown gemm!!!

last minutes news. musicbazz just reissued both 'suffering of tomorrow' & 'days of destruction' on 1 cd and this post was deleted after a kind request of the artists / labels. you can order your copy or get details here.

Δευτέρα, 16 Μαρτίου 2009

hermae LP

here's a gemm i didn't know of... came across accidentally last summer when i came across it at a friend's place, listened to it and totally liked it!
parts of it reminded me the optical musics 'volume 2' cd (therefore is uploaded with it) though this one is more electroacoustic, abstract at some parts too and me speaking sounds as one of the best greek experimental / electroacoustics recordings of the early 90's. at least as far as i'm concerned & regarding the ones that were issued back then or have come across here and there back / since then (& i believe i have listened to this day almost the greateest part of such musics being recorded back at that period).
regarding the group i don't know much, rumours i have heard but as i am not font of a myth construction (especially nowadays that every recording unearthed from the vaults turns to be a 'lost diamond of the history of music') let's leave it as is... a mindblowing & challenging piece of adventurous music...


side a : hymn to godess fortune
side b : acheron


optiki mousiki 'tomos 2' (iamvos)

optiki mousiki's (optical musics) 'tomos 2'(volume 2) was their 2nd effort since their memorable debut lp in late 80s. whereas the lp was a more experimental effort the cd is - at least according to my ears - a more 'ambient' constructed result... back then costis drygiannakis (the mastermind behind the project) was descending more and more to the world of old non-european music traditions, and his interest is obvious not only in the selection of traditional soloists, but also in the the various odds & sods sampled from ethnological recordings. listening to it today might not get the feeling i got back then upon listening it for the first time, perhaps as it might sounds more 'light' to my ears at some points but still brings in mind lovely memories of those early days, cool sounds, even records that were discovered, discussed (still discovering thanks to costis) since then...



Κυριακή, 15 Μαρτίου 2009

all set to go

hi, while working the idea of absurd's & related blog 'all noises swell together in landscapes' thought that might be a cool idea to start another one to 'issue' new material online... don't know why but rejected the idea after a while. absurd's already into lots so why adding one more thing on my back? however sounded thought to keep it running uploading either recordings i like and are either hard to find or deleted releases (e.g. tapes, etc) and it won't be a lie to say that the idea of found sounds or field recordings of my everyday routine might be uploaded in the future... i'll see... i prefer having it like a free form diary / canvas and see what happens... like the sounds of violent onsen geisha's 'excrete music' cd from which the name was coined... enjoy!